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DMR-Prozesstechnologie ~ Herstellung von Wirbelschichtanlagen WFP- Koni “the smallest continuous Multifunction system"

The processor is a high-grade technical unit, working 100416-02_WFP-Koni_kl.jpg
continuous to produce sample amounts and  small productions of powders up to free-flowing products.

On the base of a continuous fluid-bed technique, the following processes can be carried out: Drying,
spray drying, spray granulation, agglomeration and coating.

The WFP-Koni is the smallest continuous fluid bed processor. The compact mobile unit contains the
actual processor, the complete air conditioning and the control unit. Simply "plug and run".

Special features:
  • Because of the small depth of material, a gentle fluidization DSC00183_kl.jpg
    is possible.
  • Easy scale-up, because of the fairly exact constant depth of material.
  • Easy set-up of parameters; reproducibility.
  • Top & Bottom spray.
  • Circulating system.
  • Suppression of explosions by superimposition of an inert-gas, like N2 or CO2.
  • Pressure shock resistant design.
  • Automatic product feed and discharge.
  • Easy handling of the system, mobile unit.
  • SPC- control with display; data reporting system.
  • Easy cleaning and accessibility of the system.
  • Construction based on GMP- and FDA-guidelines.

Technical Data:
  • Dimensions: L 200 x B 110 x H 200 cm
  • Gas volume: 50 – 220 m3/h
  • Output product: 1 – 15 kg/h
  • Temperatures: 20 – 300°C
  • Heating capacity: 16 kW
  • Total electric power: 19 kW
  • Voltage / Frequency: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz