DMR-Prozesstechnologie ~ Herstellung von Wirbelschichtanlagen


laboratory unit

WFP 15-2
"Multifunction system

dmr_wfp.jpgThe processor is a high-grade technical unit, working continuous to produce sample amounts and small productions of powders up to free-flowing products.

On the base of a continuous fluid-bed technique, the following processes can be carried out: Drying, spray drying, spray granulation, agglomeration and coating.






Measurements l x w x h 1600 x 600 x 2300 (mm)
Amount of gas: 500 - 2500 m³/h
Capacity: 5 - 100 kg/h

Special features:

  • Because of the small depth of material, a gentle fluidization is possible.
  • Easy scale-up, because of the fairly exact constant depth of material.
  • Easy set-up of parameters.
  • Reproducible.
  • Circulating system.
  • Suppression of explosions by superimposition of an inert-gas, like N2 or CO2, or an extinguish powder.
  • Delivery and discharge of material takes place automatically.
  • Easy handling of the system.
  • As the front doors of the system can be moved away, cleaning and accessibility of the system are very easy.
  • Construction following the GMP- and FDA-guidelines.



Plant capacity
up to 10 t/hour